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Virtual insurance agencies are equally important as your internal staff because they all help in running the clients matter. However, the outsourced company operates independently and may work for several insurance firms. Such companies are run in a professional way, and one should not be worried when giving then a contract to operate the back office matters. How to streamline your back office business processes should, however, be your concern especially if your insurance firm is overwhelmed. An outsourced virtual insurance agency undertakes the following services.

Services offered by virtual insurance agencies

Client related services

glassesOne of the most detailed processes in an insurance firm is handling the client’s data. One insurance firm can have many thousands of clients, each having a separate file which needs to have up to date information. The virtual agency you have hired will keep the clients files updated with the right information at all times. They key in data as it comes, sending of emails regarding policies and renewal of their premiums. Also, they can also do claims follow-ups and other issues related to the clients.

Accounting processes

Insurance accounting is detailed, but with the right expertise, virtual agencies can deliver the best results. Clients with payments for premiums must be reconciled to sort out who needs to pay and who needs to receive their statements. They also take care of journal and ledger maintenance on behalf of the insurance firm. Keeping all accounts like accounts payables and receivables in the right order may not be an easy task, but such agencies handle them so well.

Human resources role

coffee and note bookTaking a good and professional care of your staff is key to increased productivity. If you cannot close the payroll in time internally, then it is high time you hand it over to an outsourced virtual agency. They will ensure that you have the required information updated in time and thus no salary delays. Dues are paid accordingly, and a better salary reconciliations are done. They are in charge of all staff records including the discipline matters.

Marketing support

Marketing is the heartbeat of any business. Bringing in new business for the growth of the company is crucial. This needs paperwork to be used by the marketing team. Virtual insurance agencies will do the great work of preparing proposals for exploring new business ventures. They will also print materials to be used by the marketing team as well as conduct market surveys.

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‘Bobtail Liability’ cover is an auto insurance policy that provides added insurance cover to the owner or driver of a truck when the truck is not being used for the transportation of goods. Bobtail Liability Coverage is used for a truck that has no trailer attachment or truck on which a trailer is attached to but which carries no load. Bobtail Liability cover is as well referred to as dead-heading liability cover.

A truck driver would usually have a company’s basic insurance cover that protects him during the transportation of the goods with the truck. Bobtail liability cover takes care of those periods that the truck is not being used for the conveyance of goods during which time the truck is not covered by the company’s standard liability insurance policy such as when the driver is on his way home after work.

Why get Bobtail insurance cover?

A driver of a truck is usually covered by the liability insurance policy of the company he or she works for. As soon as the driver of the trucks delivers the goods he is conveying to clients, and the truck is empty, he is no longer covered by any insurance policy at that time.

Thus, truck drivers go for bobtail liability insurance policy covetruckr to ensure that they are covered all the time. While the company’s insurance policy protects them when they are conveying goods, the bobtail cover protects them when the goods have been delivered, and they are no more carrying a trailer or other shipping consignments.

Again, the majorities of truck drivers transport cargo to many locations and work for more than one company. This means that they can just deliver cargo to a place and drive immediately to another location to convey other goods which may or may not be similar in nature and form. Truck drivers may also work as autonomous contractors or work for a cargo dispatch company. Thus, they frequently transport and dispatch cargoes for different companies which may have varying types of insurance policy cover. Bobtail cover, thus, offers the driver insurance coverage when he is traveling between companies and cities without cargo.

Important facts about boBobtail btail liability cover

Bobtail insurance varies broadly regarding their worth. Most frequently, the value attached to the policy is not to have anything less than one million in liability insurance because truck trailers are high duty vehicles. Nevertheless, in some cases, you would require extra cover at a very minimal rate.

Coupled with the liability protection, you’ll require an extra protection for the automobile in case of any accidents that may occur as a result of fire outbreak, or loss that you may incur as a result of theft, vandalism or weather effects.

Bobtail insurance cover helps truck drivers to function with limited numbers of risk both during the time of active cargo transportation and at other times when the truck is not actively transporting goods. To benefit from this all-round protection, all you require is to update your insurance policy with bobtail liability cover.


Choosing the best life insurance policy is a no child’s game. You need to consider various factors to get the best life insurance policy.
First, let’s get ourselves enlightened with the role life insurance policy plays in our lives. Since life is more is more important than anything, it is advisable to do  extensive research guide showing dippers how to get non smoker rates.

The role of Life Insurance.

One reveals himself or herself about life insurance policy’s worth after marriage. It is after marriage when one experiences a whole lot of and a new set of responsibilities. These include planning for children’s education as one such responsibility.globe

We all know that getting a quality education has become expensive and will continue to especially in private schools and colleges. And to think for your child anything worth comprising is not a good idea. Perhaps no parent would think like that. However, due to uncertain events in future, there may come a situation which may lead to comprise.

However, if thus compromise reaches to the extent of comprising your children’s education, it would hurt you as a parent the most. Hence, it is always better to be safe than to be sorry. The old saying stays tall for such instances. You all have heard this, “Prevention is better than cure.” And getting life insurance in Indian is one such magnificent step ahead towards securing your child’s future during any future circumstances.

Sum assured amount should be adequate

Usually, family members rely on the primary finance earner for the majority of financial support. And when some dire situation arises where the main supporter of the household dies it causes a breakdown for the entire family. Having a life insurance policy ensures that your family does not get submerged under massive liabilities like children’s education and paying mortgage bills. However, for this, you must make sure that the sum assured amount is enough to cover all such costs.

Analyze all the existing and potential fixed costs before selecting a plan.

family house and carThis particular step is extremely important. It’s because once you know the existing and potential fixed costs you will be able to decide an appropriate life insurance plan offering a particular sum assured amount over a period.

Essential financial obligations include high fixed obligations like home loans, education loan & medical loan. And the situation worsens if the family is unable to pay the debts after the demise of the bread winner. However, possession of life insurance policy will help the family deal efficiently with such fixed costs.

For a loving family person, nothing is more painful than seeing his family unable to cope up with medical expenditures after his/her death. For a parent or husband shouldering majority of the responsibilities of a family, if he loves his family then he will get a comprehensive life insurance policy.