What is Bobtail Liability Cover?

What is Bobtail Liability Cover?

‘Bobtail Liability’ cover is an auto insurance policy that provides added insurance cover to the owner or driver of a truck when the truck is not being used for the transportation of goods. Bobtail Liability Coverage is used for a truck that has no trailer attachment or truck on which a trailer is attached to but which carries no load. Bobtail Liability cover is as well referred to as dead-heading liability cover.

A truck driver would usually have a company’s basic insurance cover that protects him during the transportation of the goods with the truck. Bobtail liability cover takes care of those periods that the truck is not being used for the conveyance of goods during which time the truck is not covered by the company’s standard liability insurance policy such as when the driver is on his way home after work.

Why get Bobtail insurance cover?

A driver of a truck is usually covered by the liability insurance policy of the company he or she works for. As soon as the driver of the trucks delivers the goods he is conveying to clients, and the truck is empty, he is no longer covered by any insurance policy at that time.

Thus, truck drivers go for bobtail liability insurance policy covetruckr to ensure that they are covered all the time. While the company’s insurance policy protects them when they are conveying goods, the bobtail cover protects them when the goods have been delivered, and they are no more carrying a trailer or other shipping consignments.

Again, the majorities of truck drivers transport cargo to many locations and work for more than one company. This means that they can just deliver cargo to a place and drive immediately to another location to convey other goods which may or may not be similar in nature and form. Truck drivers may also work as autonomous contractors or work for a cargo dispatch company. Thus, they frequently transport and dispatch cargoes for different companies which may have varying types of insurance policy cover. Bobtail cover, thus, offers the driver insurance coverage when he is traveling between companies and cities without cargo.

Important facts about boBobtail btail liability cover

Bobtail insurance varies broadly regarding their worth. Most frequently, the value attached to the policy is not to have anything less than one million in liability insurance because truck trailers are high duty vehicles. Nevertheless, in some cases, you would require extra cover at a very minimal rate.

Coupled with the liability protection, you’ll require an extra protection for the automobile in case of any accidents that may occur as a result of fire outbreak, or loss that you may incur as a result of theft, vandalism or weather effects.

Bobtail insurance cover helps truck drivers to function with limited numbers of risk both during the time of active cargo transportation and at other times when the truck is not actively transporting goods. To benefit from this all-round protection, all you require is to update your insurance policy with bobtail liability cover.

Ronald Martin